Other Breweriana Societies
The British Beermat Collectors Society
A Society for those keen on collecting beermats promoting British and international beers and non-beer products.
Richard Percival's brewery tray collection.
A superb site on a topic which up to now has only had sparse coverage. A visual history and catalogue of UK brewery trays throughout the last century, allowing detailed searching of the database.
A Belgian site for the collector of single playing cards.
Guinness Collectors Club
The major site for those interested in all categories of Guinness memorabilia.
Association for British Brewery Collectables
ABBC Complete Bottled Beer Collectors list
Deals with brewery memorabilia, including bottled beers, and any breweriana not covered by other societies.
The ABA's Coaster Corner
The American Breweriana Association - A Society well worth joining with an excellent bi-monthly magazine. Their "Coaster Corner" contains plenty of useful information. Plenty of other breweriana articles too!
Brewery History Society
A "must" site for the true Brewery Historian.
Labologists Society
The International Society for Label Collectors and Brewery Research. Promotes and disseminates knowledge relating to label collecting.
Scottish Brewing Archive
Promoting the history of brewing in Scotland.

Other Interesting Pages
Beer Coaster Mania
George Barone's cornucopia of US coaster information. Download a coaster catalogue sample. See the latest coaster finds. Trade, sell and buy.
Tony's Beermat Pages
Tony Peach's pages. Tour his collection. Can you identify the mystery beermats? View his wants and spares.
Ruddy Hechler's collection of Stegmaier
Ruddy Hechler's collection of Stegmaier breweriana, Philadelphia fishing licences and Phillies baseball cards. Items for sale and trade.
The National Brewery Heritage Trust
Supports the work of the National Brewery Centre Museum.
The Beer Glass Net
Winand Bruninx's collection of beer glasses. Trade. Join his breweriana forum.
Coca Cola Playing Card catalogue
Jella Sietsma's Dutch Playing Card and Jokers site and the home of the world catalogue of Coca-Cola playing cards. Plenty of pictures!
Mike Peterson's Breweriana web site
This collection is currently being thinned out. Get bottled beers, mirrors, jugs, books and much more for your collection.
Fastanas Ölsidor
Rickard Fast's Beer Pages (in Swedish)
Guitar and Beer
JF Allot's guitar and beer pages. Plenty of beer and collectors' links. Nice background music!
Collezionismo Birrario
Vincenzo Tucciarone's web site. Information on beermats, details of collectors' clubs and plenty of beer-related links!
Largest internet beer coaster collection
Renata Górska invites you to view beermats from around the world.
Pennsylvania Beer Coaster Guide
Len Rosol's pages. Trade and buy as well as view the guide.
AddMe search Engine
Promote Your Web Site!
Simon Wintle's cards
Simon Wintle's "The World of Playing Cards". 
Games for sale
Games et al. Playing cards, games, etc. for sale.
Comprehensive Recreation Web Directory
The Comprehensive Recreation Web Directory. The online Recreation directory designed to help its users find the online recreation source, companies, products, services, and information.
Mau Jian Hua's playing cards
Over 10,000 playing cards featured on Mau Jian Hua's web site.
Joeri Housen's playing cards
Joeri Housen's brewery playing cards from all breweries around the world.
On line Encyclopaedia of British beermats
The biggest on-line encyclopaedia of British Brewery beermats.
Gil Davis's searchable catalogue of US Beer Coasters
Hotmog's Victorian Breweriana
A collection of Victorian pump handles and related material.
China Playing Card Show
Hope this displays OK on your computer.
Antique Vintage Playing Cards
The biggest vintage and antique resource directory on the web.
Links to Playing Card sites worldwide.
An American playing card site covering the collecting of playing cards and related items of all sorts from around the world.

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